A Complete Overview Of Vaillant EcoMax Pro 18/28E Error Codes

The Vaillant EcoMax Pro series boilers, particularly the 18/28E models, are renowned for their reliability and efficiency in home heating and hot water provision. However, even the most advanced machinery occasionally displays error codes indicating various issues. This guide equips you with the knowledge to swiftly diagnose these problems, enabling you to determine whether you can resolve them independently or if professional assistance is required. It offers a comprehensive overview of the common error codes for the Vaillant EcoMax Pro 18/28E and provides practical solutions to address them.

Mastering Vaillant EcoMax Pro Error Codes: Your Key to Effective Troubleshooting

Error codes on your Vaillant EcoMax Pro boiler are alphanumeric and appear on the boiler’s display panel. Each code corresponds to a specific fault within the system, from minor issues like low water pressure to more serious problems like a failure in the electronic control system.

Common Error Codes for Vaillant EcoMax Pro 18/28E

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most frequently encountered error codes and what they typically signify:

  • 22-Low Water Pressure: It indicates that the water pressure in the system has fallen below the minimum required level.
  • 28-Ignition Failure: It occurs when the boiler fails to ignite after several attempts. This could be due to a lack of gas supply, faulty ignition, or a problem with the flue system.
  • 29-Flame Extinguished: This means the flame was extinguished unexpectedly, possibly due to issues with gas pressure or a draught blowing the flame out.
  • 32-Fan Speed Fault: This error occurs if the fan speed deviates from the expected RPMs, indicating a potential issue with the fan or control system.
  • 61-Gas Valve Regulation Fault: It suggests a problem with the gas valve’s operation, which might be failing to control the flow of gas correctly.
  • 62-Gas Valve Shut-Off Delay: Indicates that the gas valve is not shutting off as quickly as expected.
  • F.75-Pump Water Pressure Fault: This code appears when the boiler detects no change in pressure when the pump is running, suggesting a problem with the pump or the pressure sensor.

Troubleshooting Vaillant EcoMax Pro Error Codes

If you encounter an error code on your Vaillant EcoMax Pro 18/28E boiler, here are some troubleshooting steps you might consider:

F.22 - Low Water Pressure

Solution: Check the pressure gauge and repressurize the system if necessary. This can usually be done by adjusting the filling loop on the boiler until the pressure is back within the normal range.

F.28 and F.29 - Ignition and Flame Issues

Solution: Ensure that there is a sufficient gas supply by checking other gas appliances. Examine the ignition leads and electrodes for damage or misalignment and replace them if necessary.

F.32 - Fan Speed Fault

Solution: Inspect the fan for any obstructions or signs of damage. If the fan appears to be in good condition, the issue might be related to its electronic controls.

F.61 and F.62 - Gas Valve Issues

Solution: These faults typically require professional intervention as they involve the gas valve and its regulation.

F.75 - Pump Water Pressure Fault

Solution: Check the pump operation and ensure the pressure sensor is functioning correctly. Resetting the boiler can sometimes resolve this issue.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance is essential to minimize the occurrence of error codes. Here are some tips:

  • Annual Servicing: Have a Gas Safe registered engineer serviced your boiler annually to ensure all components are functioning correctly.
  • Regular Checks: Monitor the boiler’s pressure and other operational metrics regularly. Keep the area around the boiler clean and free from obstructions.
  • Prompt Repairs: Address any issues as soon as they arise to prevent minor faults from developing into major problems.


Error codes on your Vaillant EcoMax Pro 18/28E boiler are helpful indicators of what might be going wrong with your heating system. By understanding these codes and knowing basic troubleshooting steps, you can maintain your boiler’s efficiency and prolong its lifespan. However, when in doubt, it’s always best to consult with or hire a professional to ensure safe and proper handling of boiler repairs.

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